A Bharani’s Universe

Bharani’s Universe

April 24, 2014 at 9:36pm

Another year comes to an end

Life is ever renewing at its best
Rejuvenating in Sunrise
Pacifying oneself at Sunset
Quelling the demons within
Embracing death with a smile
I wait in silence not unheard
I wait in tears not unseen
You may be a dream of yesterday
A song of the present
History of tomorrow
I am alive if you are
You are awake if I am
We’re nothing novel
Nothing worth remembering
A chaos of discordant chords
Foundation of eternal loyalty
To structures and principles
To righteousness and duty,
Love is my invocation
To a soul who has long forgotten
For what does it mean to live
Who am I but a mere shadow
Of Destiny’s mistakes
Of Fate’s successes
Forever I shall remain
To trust, to absolve
Imperfections of an infinite youth
Into the perfection wisdom is



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