Human Trafficking

I can tell you most of my strong emotions are directed towards situations or ideas I find inexcusable/unbearable in individuals…it has not ever been the humans themselves that I hate/love etc
I have yet to come across a human being I didn’t have genuine respect for…but like someone once said “Humans are capable of more divine acts than the Gods and more demonic actions than the Demons themselves”
It’s up to each individual to decide who they are and live up to their own principles…I do manage to sustain that much faith.
I expect you to do the right thing…its sad indeed that you would fool yourselves into believing yourself as strong for never having shed a tear or for not having known what it means to rise above failures

You may still be alive, my friend, or barely surviving. You have not ever LIVED. Wake up and perhaps you will learn to live and let live

If you develop an insensitivity to this reality…

It’s not women who need to “behave properly”

It’s you ********/security-seeking “women” who think playing sports or watching tv all day and/or those who call themselves cool for being overly “successful” that should come to your senses and utilize your brotherhood or sense of belonging in society to at least role model in a genuine way what it means to be a man or woman!

Women everywhere can learn a thing or two from Lionnesses, Elephants

Everything in moderation…that includes your self-concept!

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