Equal Pay for Women Article Reflection

Haven’t read the article yet…but reminds me of my own fair share of “professional” experiences regarding such issues…YAY?! Much needed transparency in workplaces is going to manifest?…Cautiously Optimistic

After having read the article…I still haven’t changed my opinions about anything…they address everything sure…but the issue goes so much deeper than just giving every woman “equal pay” and accusing every “man” or “manager” of doing something wrong…Its a human psychology issue more than gender issue…

Who doesn’t want to have a good life? How many of us actually think about giving someone a good life, unconditionally? Only mothers come to mind…but wait! Their job is EXPECTED and TAKEN for GRANTED, their “hours” aren’t recorded…

Some things are priceless and faith-based…You can’t compare two unequal things…

Superiority doesn’t mean “above everyone”…It just means REAL WOMEN are that much more precious and immeasurable in their worth for any common human being to fathom…

Try to…don’t fool yourself into thinking you empathize…Become REAL!

Only those who feel they’ve done something wrong are inhibited in their approaches…I don’t care what your “Zodiac Sign” is…At the end of the day, do YOU consider yourself alive and worth anything? Why?!


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