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A Bharani’s Universe

Bharani’s Universe

April 24, 2014 at 9:36pm

Another year comes to an end

Life is ever renewing at its best
Rejuvenating in Sunrise
Pacifying oneself at Sunset
Quelling the demons within
Embracing death with a smile
I wait in silence not unheard
I wait in tears not unseen
You may be a dream of yesterday
A song of the present
History of tomorrow
I am alive if you are
You are awake if I am
We’re nothing novel
Nothing worth remembering
A chaos of discordant chords
Foundation of eternal loyalty
To structures and principles
To righteousness and duty,
Love is my invocation
To a soul who has long forgotten
For what does it mean to live
Who am I but a mere shadow
Of Destiny’s mistakes
Of Fate’s successes
Forever I shall remain
To trust, to absolve
Imperfections of an infinite youth
Into the perfection wisdom is


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Possible petition to the government

Possible petition to the government

April 14, 2014 at 7:34pm

Reflection, April 14 7:30pm


When a friend mentioned idea of stay at home moms listing their work on their resume when they return to workforce:


You know what would be just as good as having stay at home moms who return to workforce list their “stay at home” experience and hours on their resume…if the government actually encouraged “stay at home moms to stay for their lifetime” and deposited like at least the minimum wage into every mother’s bank account until their last child reaches age of 18 (they would be depositing the mimimum wage for every child up to two children)….


And also minimum wage for every daughter who took care of her parent or parents (inlaws etc) after the parents’ retirement age….


then we wouldn’t look to these child care centers etc alone as work for women who do enjoy that kind of work…and quality of time and resources allocated per child, woman and elderly will actually increase!


I wonder if that would be practical, haven’t thought this idea through…but seems like a good way to structure and establish foundation for society and future generations



  • Hmmm but that would change the face of careers and salaries altogether I think but that’s a nice social idea. Too collectivist for american society perhaps lol.


  • hahah its probably too much for any society at this time…first of all what a mother does is priceless…so in the short run I see it as an insult, personally, that we’re even having this discussion

    but it would be nice if either of our ideas were actually implemented

    i guess we can start by kind of doing our part to make sure we’re viewed and treated “properly” by each other and the people in our lives to begin with (and of course our own mothers…continue to try our best to appreciate them)



    When I attempt to discuss this with my dad, he goes on to negate this completely by saying “its part of human relations” what a mother does isn’t considered service. more than 80% population will opt to stay at home and be lazy.


    “you’re the only person on this earth who probably has these kinds of ideas”

    “lonely, desperate women, increased crime rates” etc


    He also mentioned there was a husband (who was filthy rich, “only filthy rich get these ideas”)

    started paying his wife for taking care of the kids as a stay at home mom.



    Further reflection:


    Businesses (safeway, apple, target) are middle-men. Corporations etc are the lazy ones who live off of others’ hard work.


    Men expect and take it for granted to be “paid” and be the “providers”


    Not all women want to be “housewives” or “stay at home moms for life” and not all men want to be “bread-winners” and stay in the same career for their entire life.




    Who owned the stars before this century? Was there a time when land, water, air, fire, ether wasn’t anybody’s property?


    Is this not the century where parts of the world now are selling “oxygen”!


    If this is your idea of a perfect society then go ahead and do things the way they are…Our world is insane for expecting different results when our attitudes, assumptions, opinions, faith or lack thereof, is that of blind followers and egoistic, self-serving hypocrites…


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Human Trafficking

I can tell you most of my strong emotions are directed towards situations or ideas I find inexcusable/unbearable in individuals…it has not ever been the humans themselves that I hate/love etc
I have yet to come across a human being I didn’t have genuine respect for…but like someone once said “Humans are capable of more divine acts than the Gods and more demonic actions than the Demons themselves”
It’s up to each individual to decide who they are and live up to their own principles…I do manage to sustain that much faith.
I expect you to do the right thing…its sad indeed that you would fool yourselves into believing yourself as strong for never having shed a tear or for not having known what it means to rise above failures

You may still be alive, my friend, or barely surviving. You have not ever LIVED. Wake up and perhaps you will learn to live and let live


If you develop an insensitivity to this reality…

It’s not women who need to “behave properly”

It’s you bastards/security-seeking “women” who think playing sports or watching tv all day and/or those who call themselves cool for being overly “successful” that should come to your senses and utilize your brotherhood or sense of belonging in society to at least role model in a genuine way what it means to be a man or woman!

Women everywhere can learn a thing or two from Lionnesses, Elephants

Everything in moderation…that includes your self-concept!

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Equal Pay for Women Article Reflection

Haven’t read the article yet…but reminds me of my own fair share of “professional” experiences regarding such issues…YAY?! Much needed transparency in workplaces is going to manifest?…Cautiously Optimistic

After having read the article…I still haven’t changed my opinions about anything…they address everything sure…but the issue goes so much deeper than just giving every woman “equal pay” and accusing every “man” or “manager” of doing something wrong…Its a human psychology issue more than gender issue…

Who doesn’t want to have a good life? How many of us actually think about giving someone a good life, unconditionally? Only mothers come to mind…but wait! Their job is EXPECTED and TAKEN for GRANTED, their “hours” aren’t recorded…

Some things are priceless and faith-based…You can’t compare two unequal things…

Superiority doesn’t mean “above everyone”…It just means REAL WOMEN are that much more precious and immeasurable in their worth for any common human being to fathom…

Try to…don’t fool yourself into thinking you empathize…Become REAL!

Only those who feel they’ve done something wrong are inhibited in their approaches…I don’t care what your “Zodiac Sign” is…At the end of the day, do YOU consider yourself alive and worth anything? Why?!

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