Reflection after watching This Video

“You live every moment twice, once in your mind and once when you actually live it,”


All the while I couldn’t help thinking how selfish humans sometimes are for “using” pets or our fellow humans who do have admirable qualities like Aisha does without giving them the proper respect they deserve – for one reason or another their ability to empathize has been transcended by an unhealthy ego at the given moment…

I would console my mind with this: Is there a better purpose in life than to share the life within you for the betterment of someone who truly needs it, with proper expectations, each moment as it comes (the self-respect of such beings might actually revitalize them from within every time they do run out of positivity)

Innocent until proven guilty if properly implemented might leave a good human being vulnerable and give temporary power to less deserving candidates, but truth has a way of preserving itself that we won’t discover for our own good…

Just as “BAD” has definite criteria to be considered so, “GOOD” too is easy to discern…only YOU know what you are doing and who you are at any given do away with your illusions of superiority or otherwise

The greatest mystery of life is not death, its being reborn from our own ashes

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