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Reflection after watching This Video

“You live every moment twice, once in your mind and once when you actually live it,”


All the while I couldn’t help thinking how selfish humans sometimes are for “using” pets or our fellow humans who do have admirable qualities like Aisha does without giving them the proper respect they deserve – for one reason or another their ability to empathize has been transcended by an unhealthy ego at the given moment…

I would console my mind with this: Is there a better purpose in life than to share the life within you for the betterment of someone who truly needs it, with proper expectations, each moment as it comes (the self-respect of such beings might actually revitalize them from within every time they do run out of positivity)

Innocent until proven guilty if properly implemented might leave a good human being vulnerable and give temporary power to less deserving candidates, but truth has a way of preserving itself that we won’t discover for our own good…

Just as “BAD” has definite criteria to be considered so, “GOOD” too is easy to discern…only YOU know what you are doing and who you are at any given do away with your illusions of superiority or otherwise

The greatest mystery of life is not death, its being reborn from our own ashes

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Something I came across on FB today

My own adaptation for now –Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 12.49.08 PM

We need to teach our Sons to know the difference between:


a woman who laughs at him and

a woman who laughs for him


a woman who spends money on herself and

a woman who spends money for their future together


a woman who views her man as a right

and a woman who views her man as a privilege


a woman who uses her sexuality to seduce

and a woman who uses her sexuality to nurture


a woman who believes she’s a gift to

man, and a woman who believes

they’re nothing without each other


And then we need to teach our

daughters to be that kind of a woman.

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Battles worth fighting

Feb 7th 2014


Few mins ago I was out in the rain and saw a dog running around frantically in the rain hither and thither…I wasn’t sure what its issue was…I was first concerned about its safety, as much as I was excited to see the dog…the Dog seemed to care less about me standing there…it couldn’t care less about the fact that it was cold and raining outside either…

Soon I saw two human beings nearby…One in a distance wearing a jacket (I had just gotten out of my parked car, with only a scarf and T-shirt/jeans) and one man closer to me…The one closer to me just said hi and left in his car before I could ask “Is this dog yours? What’s going on?”  so I signaled to the man far way. I pointed first at the dog then to him as if to ask “is this yours?” and he nodded. He began walking towards me and explained to me that the dog was just searching for the ball his master had thrown around the neighborhood….he said she is usually good at picking it up when its rolling around but it was somehow misplaced.

So I observed the dog running and decided after a couple of minutes to open my garage door because I was really cold by this point. The man found where the ball was, and he began calling to his dog “Look here Mindy! What’s this?” I asked him if he found it, he said “Ya, but I want her to have the satisfaction of finding it so I am waiting” the dog looked few more times in the bushes before heeding to the man’s call and found the ball. As they began to leave, it turned around with the orange ball in its mouth and a happy, accomplished perhaps expression on her face, she came near me to greet me and let me pet her and they were on their way and I began walking towards my home….

Lessons are many but something really striking is: WORK ETHIC. The dog knew its priorities. I trusted the dog to do what it has to do. Even when neither of us probably expected to bump into each other, the acknowledgement was made in its own time and is now part of our memories forever.

If only professionals or human beings in general evolved to that level of understanding…it won’t happen over will get worse before it gets better…but imagine a world where, speaking specifically of childcare, alo-mothering was back and people focused less on “rules and regulations” and paperwork aspect of their work and more on the humane aspect of CARE itself and RESPECT, transparent communication with parents, community, children, teachers and all involved.

Fire Hazards, natural disasters, stranger danger and whatever else negative one can think of….be REAL…do you want to live every single day dying, or do you want to be able to embrace death when it finally does occur ONCE and ONLY ONCE, feeling satisfied for having LIVED without any REGRETS. Forgiving and forgetting isn’t for another, its for YOU. HOW to forgive and HOW to forget, ASK those who’ve been successful in doing so….TRUE WISDOM IS IN INNOCENCE AND SHARING..not in hoarding and competing.

There is a time and place for sports. There is a time and place for love. There is no logic for LIFE! Its meant to be experienced and cherished. Its a gift to be accepted and uphold.

(What triggered this…probably the happenings of the past couple of weeks, East Coast trip experiences till now…Olympics equality picture on google and its caption about sport being a right….preschool rules and regulations discussions, rain, Ohlone Deli, cheesecake, Dog, neighborhood)

**There’s more to fear from your assumptions of whom you think you know and vice versa, than strangers*** Perhaps the probability of harm is equal – like that of heads versus tails – but the skewing of moods, normalcy, danger, safety can be understood with an open heart and mind. Patience and all other virtues which have been taken for granted for so long across cultures will deplete and resurrect again from the ashes of their own life force to persuade with a Light at its zenith- Dvija Prahar Kuru

March 25, 2009
” Losers say it is hard and impossible, but winners say it is hard but not impossible.”
Author Unknown — Submitted by Yash Gupta — India
Make it clear to yourself which category you belong to, either winners or losers.

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