Psychology, Astrology, Perception of Reality

Here’s a logical explanation:
Here Bill Nye debunks astrology:

You know…I agree with both those videos…that’s what I mean by ignorance…unfortunately…when people do lead mechanical lives…we tend to miss fundamental concepts…

How many people know how to build a phone from scratch? But we use phones, of all shapes and sizes every day….
Why? Because we take it for granted that someone is out there who knows how to build them and that it will always be there or something else will come up to replace it…
We overlook the hard work that goes into even thinking up the concept of a phone, its design, its parts, materials needed….
People TRUST each other and follow or people MISUNDERSTAND and proceed anyway with their path because they are afraid of losing face if they make themselves VULNERABLE…we humans have always been EGOCENTRIC, but somewhere we are able to look beyond ourselves and see the TRUTH, but its like a flash of lightening…we don’t remain in that state of truth for long…
We are probably the weakest of all species out there (We said it ourselves, we are young)…but the WAY people go about accepting or denying their weaknesses, flaws makes all the difference between the germination of a seed versus its death in the soil itself…no amount of water can restore life or bring new life on its own…it can only sustain what’s already present. Each of the other elements too have a common source I am sure…but to simplify complex things requires a level of awareness that most of us just aren’t ready to handle…but are taking steps to get there, just by discussing things in a REAL way, as we are.
Science/Psychology is a MODERN concept…Astrology and NATURE have been there since BEFORE either of our ancestors were born (the ones we can remember off the top of our head)….

Nature versus nurture debate is also prevalent in Psychology….
I see parallels between the terms used…temperament concept in Psych is related to Gana concept in Astrology
The methods used might be different…but TRUTH is the same and it doesn’t matter at the end of the day WHAT method you used to derive it….
We are all each BORN with certain unique characteristics.
and of course…there are many more things involved than SUN or MOON…there are other planets, interactions, and so many more things that I am pretty sure NO ONE at this point knows anymore..because all that knowledge is “lost”)
Whatever works for someone I guess, to live with a strength of purpose, openness and purity of intent. 
Then all the qualities/attributes — some that are innate and others that one has to cultivate by sharing, learning with and from others — ALL of the qualities of a HUMAN BEING can be harnessed to its full potential by everyone at their own pace. 
That’s why some sort of structure, strong foundation in the early years and FAMILY was given so much importance back in ancient India/Africa or anywhere around the globe, but maybe the time has come to remember that that particular system only worked because everyone was still able to see the forest (themselves being the trees)…now its time everyone returned to the FOREST…the big picture — all of us are collectively part of Earth’s ecosystem. 
In my opinion, we are all reinventing/discovering ourselves and digging out the gifts that our ancestors have already taken the time to leave behind for us…but others have chosen the path of rebelling from a source of fear, AGAINST Nature…so it will take TIME to separate true wisdom from hypocrisy and its okay to accept that uncertainty is part of nature’s way to optimize survival.
To me its a question of ethics:
I am not happy with genetic engineering and bioengineering etc…I feel like all of this is only treating the superficial attributes and the root causes and underlying problems aren’t surfacing because we are as a whole ignorant of what TRUE WISDOM is. 
People are all for the happy parts, if they don’t like something they move on to something else that will serve their purpose…very few have the mentality to cultivate patience, sacrifice, seek ways to fix what they already have or accept it and let go
True Psychology shouldn’t involve technology to experiment and observe. Things should be given opportunity to unfold organically.
I am sure you remember, Psychology wasn’t even considered a Science until very recently…it was with the Liberal ARTS.
Psychology, the science, was able to gather all that data at the EXPENSE of nature (how would you like being caged in or being subjected to electric shocks, just because someone had the power to do it…without really telling you what was going on until much later…and sometimes not even offering you an explanation and most of the time without knowing the full side effects of something).
The Science of Vedic Astrology (back when people were innovative, came up with the concept of ZERO and so many more discoveries in harmony with nature and relied on what was within and around them– when they looked within not without)…
the people practicing it too probably observed the workings of this Universe, but they kept the dignity and humane aspect of things intact…and since the TRUE origin is forever going to remain a mystery (maybe its for our own good that we don’t know HOW nature works, and we’ve only been able to IMITATE its strengths at our best) both disciplines SCIENCE and ARTS still remain THEORIES, not ABSOLUTE FACTS, but RELATIVE.
Sure people later on used the, once SCIENCE now an ART, of Astrology for their own gains or once an ART now SCIENCE of Psychology to organize “facts”…
but the INTENT with which both Astrology and Psychology started out, I would hope was for advancement of mankind and not for the sake of power alone to manipulate, retaliate, seek vengeance, remain in darkness…of course if that is part of one’s nature, one can’t avoid it…it has to be let out and only then will there be room for light. 
I would hope that the chaos that is going on now will restore that Intent in everyone again.

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