My father’s gifts

Of the many things my father has given me over the years – his time, money, advice, friendship, sports & politics updates and so much more – I will always cherish these particular tangibles and would like to share them with you: Books!

Here’s the latest one –
You Don’t Need a Title To be A Leader
By Mark Sanborn
*The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost*
Pg. 31 “People who lead are willing to do the hard work of finding out what their unique gifts and contributions are, then doing the even harder work of designing their lives around them.”
Pg 32. “Too often people confuse activity with accomplishment. As we all know, its easy to be incredibly busy and still accomplish little.”
1. Make Time to Reflect
2. Remember to Dream
3. Mirror those who are successful around you
4. Retreat to Advance
5. Mentor Someone Else
6. Enjoy the Journey
7. Live like a victor, not a victim
8. Search for the pony
Other: Murkel & Lucier’s Make Your Point

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