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Beauty and the Beast

“I am patient!!!” 🙂

Each morning I wake up

Trying to remember the dream I had minutes before

Some days I remember, some days not so much…

I may have forgotten the taste of Hot Chocolate

The first time my heart smiled was sitting across from you

I became We

One became scattered pieces of our soul – Whole

To walk hand in hand remains a desire of mine

Yes our hands may have to part eventually

Peace is sitting by the sea shore watching the Sunset with you

Harmony is in an embrace witnessed by the warm rays of a Sunrise of our present 🙂

Once upon a time series – “Beauty” episode is beautiful 🙂

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One letter a day

Can’t write anything mechanically….


But I do want to say Good Morning 🙂


Narayana Upanishad – I have always used this to meditate and pray 🙂 can’t think of anything else to do today…

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If a Day begins with – Suprabhatam


Day begins with this


Then songs like

Guvva Koose – Ramudochadu

Yedu Mallelu Ettu – Sindhooram

Telusuko O Vanamaali – Chinnabai

Come to mind 🙂



Watched “Malang” today (Aditya Roy Kapoor of Aashiqui 2, Kunal Khemu of “Go Goa Gone” (Actually Hum Hain Rahi Pyaar Ke and Anil Kapoor were the cast I recognized and wanted to watch for…the newcomer? Disha Patani was also awesome)


“Malang” “Banjaara” 🙂


Night is setting in with a Maghrib and the following type of songs:

There are two versions of that song…



Ishq Sufiyana



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Old is Gold

I wonder how people who are meant to be together (as friends, family, perhaps even including animals we adopt or develop a bond with) are capable of communicating without all this technology…

Are dreams as real as “reality” is?

Are there additional senses and forces at work?

Someone once told me “it won’t be on your radar” when I asked how I would know when my journey in any particular context has come to an end…

“If what was not expressed becomes that which was not heard…”





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Yekantanga Vunna – Twin Soul Theory

Though I know the lyrics to the whole song by heart…just a little snippet will have to suffice 🙂



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Some Rainbows

“Yatho Hasta thatho Drishti, Yatho Drishti thatho Manah
Yatho Manah thatho Bhaava, Yatho Bhaava thatho Rasa”

― Natyashastra

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Gajananam Bhoota Ganati Sevitham…

No matter how many songs I sing, how many tears I cry, however long I end up continuing this fast…nothing seems even remotely enough to quell this pain…

“Killing rips the soul apart” “Power of a soul, untarnished and whole” (some words that come to mind from my beloved Harry Potter series)


Ee Dharani nee roopu dalchi

Maaku cheppenu oka Nijam

Nee Orpu, Aakaram

Mamatala Kadali Vale nindu ga vuntave

Yugamulaina marupu raaka

Akhari varaku daari choope velugu vai prakasinchave

Bharani vai thochavu

Avani ki bhaaram neevu kaadu Amma

Memu nee pai chese hatyachaarale

Aina mammu kshaminchu gunamu needi

Kadupulo pegu koraku aaraatam needi

Pranam kante nee Atma Shanti kori

Avedana ee raata ga malachanu

Aa Gajendruniki, Indruniki idi telupuma

Neeku ee lokam lo viluva leni cho

Ee lokame adi antham leka sunyam gaane migulunu ani

Moksham yeppatiki labhinchadu ani


Kerala: Pregnant Elephant Killed After Being Fed Cracker-Filled ...

#Kerala #Elephant #RIP_Humanity

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Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Learned about this first in high school…grateful to my teachers 🙂


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#Hasan_Minhaj #George_Floyd #RIPHumanity

Man of the hour!!! Love his work, always! Definitely one of the last forms of free speech left!!!! Watching this at 6pm June 4, 2020

I wrote this couple days ago…

I will be writing the letter below inspired by what I’ve seen, heard, felt about the fate of Mr. George Floyd: 
I wish to express my solidarity with ALL that is good in this Universe…Those who protect, serve, toil, conscientiously hold themselves accountable for their actions and most importantly, strive to maintain transparency in their relations with beings (voiceless and well-known, vulnerable and formidable, resolute and fickle-minded). 
Self-actualization isn’t maintained at the expense of those around us. Inter-dependency and responsibility towards Mother Nature includes a sense of contentment and harmony with all seeming dichotomy (sexes, caste, creed, racial, geographical and any other limitations of the senses) that often “paralyze” people into taking action against any wrong that should be corrected in the moment. 
Being present doesn’t mean being a bystander. Taking a stance doesn’t mean you are taking up arms “against” another. If the pen is truly mightier than the sword and if there are both good and bad qualities in ALL of us…then it seems fitting that to end “Evil” we needn’t “kill” one another in the flesh…
I’ve always viewed writing as a cathartic experience and written about many things in life that have left impressions upon my very soul. Introspection and “finding yourself” doesn’t necessarily have to come by going away from civilization and into the woods and leading an ascetic lifestyle….
Asking of everyone in both professional and personal setting to maintain a log, a written record, diary, video journal and/or voice messages and utilizing these as tools to better understand our past, present, and future selves may be a beneficial exercise that could be implemented as part of human evolution/”training”…to serve as preventative practices rather than scrambling for a “cure” after the fact…there are always many subtle signs, cues people ignore in cases of abuse and disasters…that people ignore coolly because it “doesn’t effect them” directly…
There is a difference between schooling and education. Between conditioning/training and learning/reasoning. If the human brain doesn’t fully develop until 25, it makes sense for responsible adults to discipline and impart practices, habits to help hone and cultivate a young one into becoming more self-sufficient and able to control their base natures….
Ethics: the scope of one’s practices, the stability of one’s moral compass, the virility of masculine and feminine energies, the aptitude of an individual’s capacity to share love and maintain higher consciousness…
When it comes to adults interacting with adults…What we cultivate as a society in this New Age (global, connectivity via technological advances etc.) depends on how much we are willing to sacrifice of “ME” into “WE”…How closely we blend our professional and personal personas into ONE self-respecting, radiant character. 
If we are only as strong as our weakest link, then everyone should strive to eliminate the weaknesses within them and not undermine, label, or resort to crude physical harm towards another living being. 
Even a mother who is capable of bringing life into this world thinks twice about aborting life inside her…Shouldn’t we remind those carrying lethal weapons the value of restraint, the art of empathy, the wisdom of the dove (“be ye therefore wise as serpents and simple as doves” reference)…If we cannot create life or bring back to life what is dead then we must be held accountable for our choices to kill….be it hunting for sport a deer in its home, utilizing animals in laboratories in the name of science and progress and/or taking a life our fellow human (or even ourselves) under any circumstances…
Thank you for reading through that. I appreciate, in good faith, that you are doing all that you can to maintain peace within the department and the community at large. 
Best wishes and sending positive prayers your way, 

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Einstein

“It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” – Dumbledore (J.K. Rowling, HP series) 

“…all deception will be exposed for the hypocrisy it is. And this shall be called “Original Innocence” – the beginning of Wisdom.” – Linda Goodman

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